KIARO Foods India Pvt Ltd.
1st Floor, Plot No: 101/A,
Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad - 500033.
+91 9014112244

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Kiaro App makes ordering milk products simple and flexible. Download the app, select your required products and modify the subscription according to your requirement.


The Kiaro Story

At Kiaro, we produce milk which is not just 100% natural and healthy, but delicious as well. And we deliver this pure goodness of milk, direct from our farm to your doorstep every day. The name Kiaro itself, derived from the Italian language means clear and bright, and symbolizes the purity of the first beam of sunlight. Read on to discover how through our world class farming practices, advanced technology and packaging techniques, we bring to your doorstep Kiaro milk, that is 100% natural and pure .

exclusive brands

The Purest and the freshest milk, you can get,completely untouched as the entire process right from milking to packaging is mechanized and there is no human involvement.

The best milk to refresh you and start your day in the most nutritious manner.

Fresh things..

Gear up for the next product in the KIARO Family!!The most creamy and delicious product which will be an ideal addition to your meal. KIARO Curd like the milk is untouched and will possess all the essential nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin B5,Vitamin B2,Zinc and potassium, KIARO curd is a very good source of Protein.