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Pasteurization & Homogenization

The milk from the rotary parlour reaches directly to our pasteurizer, wherein the milk is pasteurized at 62 degrees Celsius, and instantly chilled to below 4 degree Celsius.Pasteurization at this temperature ensures that the milk does not lose its nutrition and it has all the goodness that is present in milk

Homogenization happens in our homogenizer, which breaks the fats in the milk into small pieces and ensures that the consistency in the milk is uniform all over, Homogenization process ensures that the milk can be drunk directly off the bottle and there is no separate layer of fat in the milk.

From Farm to home

In the bottling unit, the milk reaches from the homogenizer and is instantly filled in HDPE bottles, it is sealed and capped instantly, and is transported to our cold rooms.

We maintain the cold chain completely from the farm till it reaches your doorstep, first in refrigerated vans, and then in refrigerated bikes. The milk when it reaches you is cold, fresh and completely unexposed to air.