KIARO Foods India Pvt Ltd.
1st Floor, Plot No: 101/A,
Journalist Colony, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad - 500033.
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Meet our cows

Holstein Friesian cows are the world’s finest milk producing cows, and every cow in our farm is of this breed. We hand pick each cow to ensure that only the healthiest make it to the herd because the healthiest cows give the most nutritious and tastiest milk.”

We cultivate in our own farms, the food that that we feed our cows. Our team of agricultural and animal nutrition experts prepare a customized special feed for each cow, based on their health requirements. Referred to as a Total Mixed Ration, each customized feed includes a balance of greens like Maize, Alfalfa and Soya bean meals.

This tailored meal plan is designed to ensure a combination of energy, proteins and minerals. And it is not just the food that our cows eat, but also the water they drink that we pay close attention to. We give them pure, mineral water extracted from our in-house reverse osmosis plant.

Visit our sheds

Our cows live in free stall barns equipped with private cubicles that have individual beds for the cows to relax. Furthermore, fans and foggers are installed in each cubicle to keep air currents flowing and the temperature cool at all times.

To maintain the hygiene of our cows, we use special equipment that is specifically designed for cow grooming.

It’s a known fact that happy cows give more milk. And what better way than music to build a happy space! We play soothing music in our barns throughout the day so that our cows relax and stay happy. The results are evident in the quality of milk that our cows produce.

Purest of Pure

At Kiaro Farms, milking is done using the world’s most specialized milking technology – the Rotary Parlor. This technology ensures that the milk remains untouched by human hands from the time of milking to when it is delivered to your doorstep.

As soon as the cows are milked, the milk is instantly chilled to 4 degrees Centigrade to arrest any bacterial growth and therefore the purity, nutritional value and the taste of Kiaro milk stays intact.